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Updated: Jul 23, 2019

Do you or someone you know suffer from:

Allergies, Asthma, Sinus Problems, Chronic Cough, or Weak Immune System?

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Everyone at the office getting sick?

Do you get every cold and flu bug that goes around?

Is your Ohana under the weather?

Then this is for you…

This is a Seasonal Treatment (of acupoint external herbal patches) where

Timing is Everything!

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San Fu Jiu (三伏天灸) or Acupoint Herbal Treatment (AHT) is a special seasonal treatment method for what is known as “Treating Winter Diseases During Summer” (冬病夏治).

San Fu Jiu is a special preventive external herbal medicine therapy used to treat disorders affecting the upper respiratory system (such as asthma, chronic cough, weak immune system, sinus problems, allergies), and digestive disorders (such as slow metabolism, fatigue, loose stools). It also strengthens general health, and immunity, it can treat joint pain, sore back, infertility, low libido, urinary dysfunction, and many other conditions…

This is a very popular preventive treatment in China! Traditional Chinese hospitals are known to have lines out the doors on the Fu days with patients waiting for hours to have their points taped with herbal patches.

This treatment is for strengthening the Yang Qi (warming, lifting, & transforming function) of the body.

Who Should Check it Out?

If you are the type of person to struggle with asthma, seasonal allergies, sinusitis or just seem to be particularly vulnerable to every passing cold (all that coughing!), San Fu Jiu is for you. But more than these few mentioned, treatment is widely suitable for patients of the following categories:

1. cough and asthma diseases: allergic rhinitis, asthma, bronchitis

2. painful diseases: cervical spondylosis, pain in waist and lower extremities, frozen shoulder, osteoarthritis, myofascitis

3. gastrointestinal diseases: chronic gastroenteritis, diarrhea, dyspepsia

4. gynecological diseases: irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea (painful periods), chronic pelvic inflammatory disease

5. people with weak immune system or sub-optimal health: frequently feels cold, easy to catch colds, sleep disorder, easy to be fatigue, poor mental state

Summer the Fire Element

Summer's special gift “Fire” (Element)

The energy of Fire - allows us to give and receive warmth. By giving and sharing, we build our own Fire, open our own flower, and bring more of the summer sun to the world. Fire gives us warmth and the capacity to love and be loved, it enables us to mature and blossom.

When Nature’s energy flourishes and blossoms in the summer, it is time to enjoy the fruit from the seeds we have planted and the visions and plans we have made.

When Fire is deficient

Imagine just a few of the symptoms that can arise if our inner Fire is deficient: chills and numbness of the extremities, impaired circulation of the blood and bodily fluids, menstrual, urinary, and sexual dysfunction.

The lungs can lose their ability to expand and contract fully and easily, resulting in poor oxygenation of the blood, coughing, and nasal congestion.

We may experience sluggish digestion, abdominal pain, and watery diarrhea because the digestive organs lack the heat needed to process and assimilate nourishment.

Fire at the spirit level On a deeper level, the Fire element expresses itself as joy and manifests within us as love, laughter, and enthusiasm. During summer, the season of maximum expansion, we can become aware of ourselves at our fullest. Drawing on the expansive warmth of Fire we can reach out and relate to the world like a flower opening.

When our Fire is low and we experience no inner "blooming," we feel the lack of something to share - joy or compassion, for example. Though we might crave these qualities, our relationships may be fraught with anxiety and fear of rejection. We may be sexually frigid and inhibited, shy, or emotionally cold and easily hurt, or even overly dependent on our partner.

Without the knowledge of who we are in the strength of our flowering, we can neither enter into relationships fully nor express our true selves. Instead, we plan and calculate our moves defensively, then present an image of ourselves that isn't truthful, which only perpetuates the fear of eventually being "found out."

How is your Fire? Just as a healthy plant naturally produces flowers, a healthy person produces a healthy Fire. When our Fire is healthy, it responds appropriately to meet the tasks at hand. Like a thermostat, it knows when and with whom it can be warm and open, and when and with whom it needs to be more protective.

How is your Fire? Is there joy and laughter in your life? Are friendships important to you? Did you grow up in a warm family? Was it cold? Hot and cold? Hardhearted? Brokenhearted? How are love and sex related for you?

Know that in summer the energy of Fire supports you in enriching your enjoyment of life, your relationships, getting closer, opening outward, being receptive to others. Your flowering may not be as bright or as big as you want, but remember that every flower is different and unique, necessary and perfect for where it is. There will be another summer and we will have many chances to open, to extend compassion, to forgive. While we all need love, the sick need it most - not only the physically ill, but those who are suffering in mind and spirit (A).

When is the Best Time for Treatment?

Timing is everything, and with summer time approaching, this is the perfect time for the Acupoint Herbal Treatment (AHT). The hottest summer days for this year are from July 2nd – August 30th, 2019. During these days, body and the earth’s Yang energy reaches its peak; at this time, it is said that the skin pores will maximally open and allow the entire body’s meridians to flow in rhythm receptive to Yang Qi.

3 to 5 Treatments is Considered a Course of Treatment

July 2 - July 11 = Pre-Warm Phase

July 12 - July 21 = Phase I

July 22 - Aug 10 = Phase II

Aug 11 - Aug 20 = Phase III

Aug 21 - Aug 30 = Extra Push Phase

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When you come in for this Treatment:

People who want to undergo this treatment can tell us their health concerns, and we apply the medicine to different acupuncture points according to specific symptoms. We will tape on a special formula of herbs mixed with ginger juice to specific acupuncture points, where they remain for a few hours.

Does San Fu Jiu 三伏天灸Work? (Enthusiastically - YES!!)

San Fu Jiu is a practice of preventive medicine that has been passed down and practiced for generations. I gave this treatment to some of my regular patients who fit the profile for San Fu Jiu treatment. The benefits I’ve observed this past fall, winter and spring have been nothing short of impressive! So of course, I want to share it with all of you.

Research on the Treatment

A study treating Allergic Rhinitis (AR) in China showed that San Fu Jiu Herbal Patch (SHP) was effective among 60% of AR patients after treatment. SHP versus a placebo and showed that SHP is effective, especially for nasal symptoms, and caused a significant improvement in patients' quality of life (1). In another study approximately 60% of the patients perceived the treatment as being effective at 1 year later (2). In another study acupoint herbal patching appeared to be more effective than placebo in improving total clinical symptoms and signs after treatment and at 6 months, and in improving quality of life at <3 months and over 3 months (3).





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